HGTV’s Going Yard

Its been a long process but it finally happened. I am officially a member of the HGTV family! Its crazy to think the direction my life has gone this past year. I am so thankful for the opportunities that have been given to me. The best part of my new show Going Yard on HGTV is that I get to have my fiancee Peyton and my family on it with me.

As my  brother Erik told me: “Don’t ever lose your humble, small town, caring charm. It is what got you here.” I never will or I’m sure my brothers will com after me and put me back in line.

Thank you all for the support.

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    1. Congrats on the new up coming show! How do we go about auditioning for the show? My wife and I live in MA and just bought a new house. The front yard is great, but back yard is boring and needs some updating for our 3 month old son.

      • Well I guess I’m just about the last person to contact you and wish you well in your 2 new adventures……Marriage and new TV show.
        I sat down last night and composed an application for the free yard nakeover on your new show and promptly sent it on to the website that was listed in the Cape Cod Times. Alas, it came back with undeliverable. I sent all my information, a show bio, pictures of the property, etc. etc. to and it came back undeliverable. Is it too late for my application? Please say it isn’t. I can’t think going through another summer with my back and side yards. Horrible mess. I’m a widow and 73 years old and things are getting harder and harder to maintain. I could sure use some help in deciding what to do which would bring me more leisure time. Thanks so much and good luck again.

        Marie Goodman – street address – 85 Schoolhoue Road (2 houses down from the Cape Cod visitors’ center, Eastham, MA 02642

        • Please try it again. We are still looking for homes!

          • SO hoping you are looking to do some yards OUTSIDE MA!! :) We live in Indiana and boy, does our yard need a makeover!! House is cool – log home originally built in 1819. Added a timber frame great room and new kitchen in 2001. Sure hope to hear from you, Chris!! Good luck with the show! I watched yesterday and LOVED it!! Prettiest yard re-do I have EVER seen on HGTV and I am a Yardcrashers junkie!! :)

            Linda R.

            • Linda
              Wow prettiest redo EVER on HGTV!!! I love it. That is a HUGE compliment.
              You just made my day

          • My family and I live in an old nieghborhhood in Lawton, Oklahoma. Our home was built in 1941 and we have been doing a lot of DYI inside since we bought it in 2004. I teach art at one of our high schools in town and am a retired Army veteran of 25 years. Our problem is the back yard. My health is such that doing major work is a bit beyond me now and we really can’t afford to pay a professional. The front is bad enough but the back seems impossible. It’s shape is very odd, there’s a driveway on the side and a building takes a big chunk out of it. We can’t even seem to get real grass to grow there. We need help! If you need pictures of the yard just ask and I’ll send. Our yard may be a little small compared to some of your projects but the challanges of it’s shape and the potential for what it could become are tremendous. My wife and I have talked about what we wish we could do but have never been able to figure the how or especially how to afford it. We hope to hear from you and we hope Oklahoma isn’t too far to go.

    2. Hi Chris! Congratulations on your HGTV show! It’s nice to see a local guy hit the big time! I’m wondering if you might be filming locally. I’m located in Methuen, MA with as barren and unappealing a yard as you might imagine. Centerpiece is a pool surrounded by an incorrectly built retaining wall (by a novice – me). The only color is grass green and buddy, no shrubbery whatsoever, and it is hurting! Any idea how I might get some exposure for filming consideration? Thanks very much!!!

    3. Congratulations! This is exciting news. Curious – will the show be filmed locally, as in New England or out on the West Coast? If it is local, can people apply to be on your show?

      All the best with your new venture.

      – Alexis

    4. That is great to see some one from Mass going on HGTV.
      Is this the show they had that you could sign up for on HGTV in the fall. My wife and i have done a bunch of stuff in side our house in Falmouth that we bought year and haven’t gotten to the nasty back yard yet, would love to get some ideas on things to do.

      Congrats on the show can’t wait to watch it with our kids!


    5. Hi. I was a huge fan of yours on the Bachelor and I’m also a neighbor. We have a perfect Cape property for your new show!!!! We have 4 acres of land on Center Street in Yarmouth Port. It was part of the oldest farmland on the Cape and big, open areas like this are almost impossible to find now. Besides our house (a salt box) which is set way back from the road, the land is basically an open canvas. We have marshland in the back and can see Barnstable Harbor in the distance. It would be a huge challenge to transform! Please consider us! Best wishes on your show.

    6. Hey Chris – Work in the broadcast business and am a huge fan of landscaping shows. But even more looking forward to your show, since you are from Cape Cod! My family has owned a home in Chatham for some 40 years and we are so thrilled that this special spot, and its special people, will possibly be featured on your show. Way to go. Wish you, your family and your business all the best this year. Way to represent!!

    7. I am in desperate need of this show to help me! I live in Brewster and due to the financial struggles of being a single mom, I have not been able to keep up our yard at all and it is probably the worst kept yard on Cape Cod. No pride in saying that at all, just desperate for help. I would so like my daughter to have a yard that she can be proud to be friends home to. How do I apply?

    8. Oop, I made an error in that post I just made – I meant bring friends home to. Guess I should not be posting half blind in the middle of the night! LOL Congrats on the show Chris!

    9. Again, Chris congrats. This is your year. We will be waiting to see the first episode as well was the wedding.

    10. CONGRATULATIONS Chris and to Peyton for the new show!!! You deserve it ‘coz you’re both lovely people and inspire us with your simplicity. More luck to come and we will definitely watch “Going Yard”. Don’t forget us in The Chris Lambton Fansite, we’re supporting you all the way…

    11. Congratulations, Chris, on such a humble path. I live next door to Scargo Cafe, having no idea when I watched the Bachelor, that you would be on it. I have been so impressed with your humility and I have no doubt that you will continue in that manner with your very exciting new show. One day my mom and I were driving down Whig St. and we saw you with Peyton and you looked so happy.

      You and your family are the kind of family that anyone would love to have for neighbors. I hope to meet you sometime in the Merc or down Corporation Beach. My brother, Greg Urquhart, works for the town of Dennis (DPW) and sometimes tells me he sees you hard at work around town. My mom facilitated an ALS support group for both those with ALS and their families here on the Cape for years. Coming home to take care of your mom is taking the highest calling. I did the same for my dad in 2003 and then moved back for good 4 years ago to be near my mom. Don’t want to miss a day.

      Blessings to you and your family and may this new year be the best one yet.
      Jan Urquhart
      a neighbor down the street

    12. Hey Chris…Congratulations on the new show. Can’t wait to see the first episode. I am sure with your humor it will quite entertaining but also will end up beautiful :)

    13. Yeah, I have a 6000 squ. ft. dumpy yard in Allston, MA-rock city yeah!

    14. Congratulations! My husband and I just closed on a house in Westwood, MA with a very very neglected back yard and just discussed yesterday how we wished there was a local HGTV landscaping makeover show!!!! Seriously….we have a perfect project for you!!! Interested? It’ll bring great ratings!!! Oh, do you do bathrooms, too???

    15. Congratulations Chris and Peyton! You have so many fans who are happy about your engagement. And for me, marrying my two guilty pleasures–the Bachelor/ette and HGTV–is beyond great.

      Here’s another plug for a local landscape project. We have a home in Brewster that we are trying to get prepped for an 80th birthday party for my father-in-law this spring/summer. Can’t decide what we want to do with our yard. Maybe a patio, maybe a firepit, maybe we should leave it ‘wild’. Would love help :)

    16. Hey, Chris
      Congrats on the show! This is Doug from Ballroom Bliss on the Cape, My backyard is horrible, if you need a major WOW factor for a before and after, stop on by and take a look. Let me know if I can help in any way, shape, sound. Congrats again to you both.

    17. Congratulations Chris!
      I am a Mashpee resident and would love to have you transform my plain ol yard to something beautiful!

    18. Chris, Congratulations on your success and we will be anxious to see your first show and many thereafter. You have come a long way since Pee Wee soccer and we are so proud of you!
      Linda and Bob

    19. Congratulation Chris! i’ll volunteer our yard. Five dogs, sometimes six.
      best of luck, tom giardino

    20. Congrats!How do we go about auditioning for the show? My husband and I bought our new house in july, in Yarmouth,mass and boy or boy the back needs help, i use to have a builtin Tikibar at my last house, thats why they call me Tikimama but had to leave that all behind, maybe you can help bring a little tiki back to me =)

    21. Nice… I am a resident of Cape Cod. Bought a forclosure about 5 years ago and have not been able to get the yard just right. I would love your help. PLEASE!!!!
      Centerville, MA

    22. Live in Marstons Mills and for over 20 years we haven’t been able to
      get our yard looking like it should….We could use your help!
      Love HGTV and have been hoping they would have a “local” show.
      Good Luck Chris, I’m sure the show will be great!

    23. Wow, this is so exciting! Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing your show…..I have it marked on my calendar.

    24. Hi Chris..My wife and I are looking forward to watching your show. We are retired and living on the Cape in Centerville. Our landscaping looks as if we just threw the shrubs in willy nilly. We would be thrilled to have you drop by and give us some advice. Steve and Diane

    25. Hey Chris, Can’t wait to see the new show. I also would like to know how to get in the running for a back yard project. I live in New Bern, NC.

    26. Could you please post the HGTV site to apply for the show? I would love to have a backyard makeover! I have 3 young kids and no time to invest in an area for them….or my husband and I to relax. I can’t quite seem to find the info on the HGTV website…I’m on the Cape, so you wouldn’t have to travel far!

      • Hi, Would like to know how to apply for a backyard make over. What I really would like is a brick patio. To have the wooden one taken out and replace it with brick. Thanks

    27. Hi Chris….great idea for TV..just curious, are you at all interested in sustainable landscaping? My son, an ecological design consultant and educator has done many workshops in CA and now NM, would love to possible set up workshops on the East Coast.( please check out his website).We live in Falmouth, and of course would love to incorporate his workshop in our backyard…He is currently in Puerto Rico setting up a farm, but has left his conceptual design…didn’t know if you might have interest in collaborating/learning?….From what I have seen/read your designs seem to lean toward natural landscaping..extremely important for our earth…Good luck with your show, please don’t hesitate to contact for more info?

    28. Congrats! This is really something to celebrate!

    29. I just read and sent off the article in the Cape Cod Times about your new show to my son in Denver (U-Mass Horticulture 2002)and from the looks of the response you have had in this blog, I am not alone in my enthusiasm for this show and interest in being a part of it in some way. I think the Cape is a unique place with a unique appreciation, love and respect of the outdoor world. We take pride in showering outdoors from April until late November. (This year it was turned off the week before Christmas!) We love our yards…I have a yard that could be a different story. It is not a “rags to riches” tale but one of gardens that have seen their day (lovingly maintained in more of a lipstick on a pig sort of way) and are in need of a makeover. We have lots of gems as our son traded trees for rent when he lived here and worked at a local nursery. I will be following this blog and the show. GOOD LUCK! LOVE THE STORY! Lorraine

    30. Hey Chris and Peyton!

      Like many of the other people who posted, my fiance and I would love to have your show come to our house. We live in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. We just recently bought a home together and are getting married on June 9, 2012. Obviously we are burdened with a lot of expenses as we plan a wedding, so we have not been able to do any landscaping whatsoever. Our backyard and frontyard both totally lack any kind of landscaping whatsoever.

      I heard about your show because I’m a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad junkie (it’s my guilty pleasure!) and I kinda force my fiance to watch it with me :) You guys have always been our favourites since you seem so nice and down-to-earth.

      Anyways, wishing you guys good luck with the show. Hope to hear how to apply!

    31. Congratulations on your new gig! I love that you, Peyton and the family all get to do this together, that is just perfect!!! If you get to Virginia Beach I need some serious yardwork LOL But most of all I am just so happy that your life has had such positive things happen! You really deserve all the best in life.

    32. Congrats to you and Peyton. Good things happening to good people. Hope to see you guys at another CCALS gala. Much love, Pat and Kevin.

    33. Hi Chris ,I was a big fan of yours watching the show , We could really use your help if you are taking auditions . I live with my Boyfriend and our 2 children in Pembroke ma on a corner lot , we could really use some help with the yard . Right now we are not able too get much done in it. At this time I do not have the resources to put in to the yard and make it the way we want it. My boyfirend was in a Horrific car accident 18 weeks ago and almost did not make it. Heis unable at this time to leave the house with out the help of a wheel chair or walker So the yard is on the back burner . Please help us

      Good luck with the show

    34. Hi Chris –

      Congrats on the new show! Look forward to seeing what can be done with a Cape Cod seaside yard. Our’s gets salt spray, bunny chompin’, boat trailers backing over it, and general Cape Cod-dy type abuse. Hope “Going Yard” can help!

    35. Hi Chris,
      So happy for you and Peyton. After watching you on the bachelor and seeing what an amazing guy you are and falling in love with your family – it’s awesome to follow your journey with Peyton. Best wishes to both of you.
      As far as the show – of course just like everyone else who watches these shows, I sit and say, why can’t it be me. We bought a home in W. Yarmouth a few years ago and have been doing what we can. My husband is a Police Officer and works ridiculous hours because I am unable to work right now, so we get down there when we can, but I feel so bad that he has to do work around there when we are down there. My son is a former US Marine who served 3 tours in Iraq, and he is also getting ready to enter the Police Academy in a couple months, so as hard as he works, it will be even harder for him to get down there.
      Just thought I drop a line and throw it out there if you were looking for willing participants for show :)
      Thanks Chris, and hopefully I’ll run into you sometime when I’m getting my addiction – Merc muffins!

    36. Congrats on the new show. Love watching it all on TV. Will it be filmed locally? Need to see more East Coast/New England locations. If it’s local, I’d love to volunteer our yard. It’s definitely in need of a new update. Can’t do much on a student’s unemployed salary. Good luck with the new show. I’ll be sure to check it out! Congratulations on your engagement!

    37. Hi Chris, congrats on your new show – I went to the HGTV web site to apply for a “make over” but couldn’t find your show?
      My poor back yard needs help. I moved back to Mass. and Cape Cod from Louisiana in November 2009. Have been “doing my yard” by myself and it’s gone beyond me! Help me please? I live on a 1/4 acre in Marstons Mills on beautiful Cape Cod with my cat Tatters Marie and would kill for some lilacs in the spring. We live in a grove of tall pine trees with a stand of bamboo along the side? It looks like you’ve got a huge group already clamouring for your favors, oh lucky you. HGTV is so much fun to watch so here’s hoping you’re a terrific success!
      Very best regards from Marston Mills to Dennis,
      Paula Finkle (PS I’m 71 and glad to be home)

    38. Hi Chris, congrats on your new show – I went to the HGTV web site to apply for a “make over” but couldn’t find your show?
      My poor back yard needs help. I moved back to Mass. and Cape Cod from Louisiana in November 2009. Have been “doing my yard” by myself and it’s gone beyond me! Help me please? I live on a 1/4 acre in Marstons Mills on beautiful Cape Cod with my cat Tatters Marie and would kill for some lilacs in the spring. We live in a grove of tall pine trees with a stand of bamboo along the side? It looks like you’ve got a huge group already clamouring for your favors, oh lucky you. HGTV is so much fun to watch so here’s hoping you’re a terrific success!
      Very best regards from Marston Mills to Dennis,
      Paula Finkle (PS I’m 71 and glad to be home)

    39. My husband and I just fulfilled our lifelong dream of buying a little place on the cape (in Eastham). In fact, we were looking to buy during the filming of Bachelorette (what was she thinking?) and once we had our closing we immediately went to Eden to purchase the original Cape Cod bracelet so I would always be connected to my favorite place (thanks to you). Our home is modest but has true Cape Cod charm and our yard is private and sheltered; great for the grandkids. We don’t have the good knees we once had so gardening is harder than it used to be but we would love to have an easy care yard consistent with the natural beauty of the area. It would be awesome to have you help us with our own little piece of heaven.

    40. Congradulations!! This is exciting to have someone from “home” going to the national spotlight!!! Getting weary of seeing California run the TV!! You bring some of Cape Cod…you’ll be a mega-star!!!! I hope you’ll consider me for an episode? I just purchased a new home in Kingston, MA (just outside of Plymouth) and I have an acre. Just grass…nothing else!!! I mean nothing…FULL SUN, level ground, lots and lots of grass!!! I could really use your talents as I am a new father at 40 to my first child. I’m swampt!! Anyway…can’t wait til your debut!!!!

    41. Chris, congrats on the show! I’m a fellow Cape Codder from Orleans (Nauset ’02), now living in Boston. My parents are SO excited about your show, and their yard could use some landscaping.. we have ivy that grows insanely fast and goes everywhere. Anyways, just a thought, in case you need some Cape locations for your show. Feel free to reach out to me via email or twitter (@angieo13). Congrats to you and Peyton, as well. :)

    42. Hi Chris, Congrats on all your accomplishments! I am from the Cape, still work and go to school down there. It’s great seeing a local person do such great things. If your show is looking for A small city backyard to transform, My home is the perfect place. Its my first home. My husband are a young couple with two kids just starting out. I’m really into gardening but lack of space is a challenge.I really miss the beauty of cape and would to bring it to my back yard to make it feel more like home. We are located in NewBedford about an hour from Hyannis..

    43. Hey Chris,

      Congrats on your engagement and the new show! Can’t wait to watch. Don’t know if you’ll ever be filming back east, but we live on Cape Cod and our backyard needs help. We live on a great piece of earth, and my husband has lots of great ideas, but not so much time. He would never ask for this kind of help…it would be like pulling over and asking for directions. The highlight of our backyard is the swingset (with a zipline coming soon). It would be wonderful to turn it into something special for all of us.

    44. Chris…Congratulations on the show and more importantly on your upcoming nuptials; I’m very happy for you! Drop a line when you have the time. Cheers, -Brian

    45. Can’t find TV listing for show , please send time, channel,and days of this show

      • The time, day etc won’t show up til May but I’m sure you’ll see info while watching HGTV, closer to actual day.

    46. Day’s and channel’s of show and time please

    47. I, myself, wondered about submitting for the show, although I am not in the Cape area. However, I did find the info for submission here:

    48. Im watching the White Room Challenge and I see this guy (You) whose name sounds familiar and I remember him being a landscaper. Gotta love google. I realize you’re the great guy on the Bachelorette? So I’m glad to hear you and Peyton, who I also remember from the Bachelor, have found each other and now you have this great career opportunity with HGTV. Can’t wait to see your show. You deserve everything and it’s just funny how life turns out.

    49. Congratulations to you both and best of luck with the new show. If you are looking for a backyard project with a Cape Cod location, I can help. My 91 year old mother and I live in Mashpee MA off of Red Brook Road. The yard is not huge, but has so much potential. As her daughter and caretaker, I am in charge of the yard maintenance and with a fixed income, not much can be done. I would love to have something really nice so her five other children and twenty grandkids and great grandkids would enjoy visiting her. She has only a few years left and I would love to give her this amazing gift. email me for my cell phone number.

    50. Hi, Chris & Peyton! Congratulations on your marriage and your new show! My family owns an old, waterfront home in Manomet (the southern tip of Plymouth – just a few miles from the Cape Cod Canal). Although our yard is very neglected, it has a great deal of potential. There are about 75 stairs down to a private sandy beach. The view of Provinetown on a clear day is amazing. As for the type of party we’d throw when they yard is complete – that’s easy! My beautiful twenty-four year-old niece has just gotten engaged. What a perfect reason to celebrate! Please let me know when and how we can apply to be on your show. We are open to leaving the yard “untouched” until you can work work your magic on it in July and August. All the best to you both! So very happy for you!

    51. Dear Mr. Lambton,

      I live in Duxbury on a lovely but wild 2 1/2 acre property on 3A with my 98 year old mother. The location would be great for advertising your work in progress and offers lovely visuals for the camera (my house is of 1840 vintage and the original one room house was built by a Free Man of Color). I’m sure the local paper would also take advantage of a good story about a Duxbury resident and her luck on HGTV.


      Sarie Booy

    52. Congrats Chris! We’re so happy for all your success in love and life! I knows you are a PC grad – my husband and I are actually both alumni too. Go friars! It’s nice to see someone do so well. We currently live in Milford, MA with 3 little girls – Ava is 5 and the twins, Grace & Rosemary are one and a half. We have been living in the same house for about 8 years and have not had lots of time or $ to devote to our small yard. We would really love something fresh and simple that could provide more privacy than we currently have. Also, our cracked concrete patio is unsafe for our kids. Any help would be so appreciated! Your work looks beautiful.

    53. Congrats Chris & Peyton on the new show! My husband just had his dream fulfilled seeing his own sustainable home design get built and won his first official award. We are now living in the beautiful modern home in Hingham, but since we poured our life savings into it, now need desparate help with the driveway and landscaping to at least have a back yard for our 2 and 3 yo to play. Would love to see your ideas to go green with our new green home! BTW, you’d first have to remove all the hay that the building inspector required us to spread over the entire property!

    54. Congratulations on your new marriage and new show, Chris & Peyton! How do I sign up for landscaping help on your show? We need help for our front and back yard. We live in Wayland, MA. We also have a large hill which we’re not sure how to make it more attractive. Our lawn is full of moss & weeds. Please let me know how to sign up to be on your show. Thanks!

    55. Chris, congratulations on your new show! Just watched today’s episode and I love the cottage garden you did in the backyard. As a fellow graduate of PC, and and annual visitor to the Cape, I have been keeping an eye on you since your Bachelorette days. If you are ever in the Madison, CT area, would love for you to make over our back yard which is set on a pond. Best of luck with your new marriage and new show! —Joy

    56. We over paid for our home in 2006 and scaped the front but have no clue what to do with a backyard of appoximately 40×50. Any ideas would be great. I live in central Florida…….. Help!!!!!!!

    57. In a recent episode you installed a large paver you said it was a chevron, it resembeled a paralelogram .Where can we get it and what is the actual name?
      thank you

      • Oh yeah the Chevron pavers….they are actually poured cement so they are relatively cheap. I suggest going to a local stone/brick yard and they would most likely be special order but should only be around $5 a square foot

    58. I’m watching the show for the first time and am enjoying it! I lauughed at the clown socks comment (I own those, too). The episode is the grass circle one…I’m sure it will keep getting better and better…great to see a non-real estate show get a chance…I’ve been leaning towards DIY Network the past few years…good luck to y’all!

    59. Oh, and is this going to be a show where homeowners do or do not participate? I found the female homeowner off-putting because she merely walked around chirping…viewers at home are all breaking their bums in their own yards and I think we get a little snarky if we see someone getting it all done for them ,lol

    60. I was thrilled to hear of your marriage, and already love your new show.

    61. HI! I am trying to send in my info to be on Going Yard and I keep getting notifications that my email failed. Any suggestions on how I can get my information to the right people? Thanks! Jen

    62. Can you tell me what material you used on the pergola of the Yard went to the Dogs episode that aired on June 16th? We have the same problem of no shade in our backyard that faces West and want to put that on our existing pergola.

      • We used an all weather bamboo that we simply rolled out to length on the roof and nailed in place. It worked great and was easy to do!

    63. Hi Chris!! Was just searching your site. My husband and I bought a house in the Raleigh area… We have a huge back yard and we desperately need help!! Are you ever in the NC area??

    64. Hi Chris & Peyton,
      I’ve been a big fan since the Bachelorette- and Bachelor Pad! Love the new show! I watch it (via DVR) and am trying to get suggestions on my yard here in Harwich, MA :)

      Would love to see a hints section, or even to know what general area the projects you are doing are- they seem to not be local, so my guess is they’ve got you traveling across the country? Wishing you much success with the show and Peyton! You two are so cute to watch!

      • I like the idea of a hints/behind the scenes section. We did tape some on the Cape and start taping on the Cape in August!

    65. Congratulations on the new show. We are in desperate need of a yard makeover. How do we apply? My yard is a mess.

      • We need pictures of the “Modern Backyard Makeover” you just finished (or it was shown 7.21.12. We have 2 acres to landscape and have maybe finished half of it. The planters and walkways were perfect for this size yard. Would also like to add a water feature. Can you send us photos of this show and maybe directions for a water feature using rocks. Our property is full of large, ,medium and small sized rocks. Thx for any help you can give us. Carol and Steve Pacuta, 13326 SE Southwood Drive, Prineville, OR 97754

        • Glad you liked the episode. Making a water feature out of rocks from your own yard is easy….dig out an area, get thick rubber to lay down in area you want for water feature (can buy from local landscaping specialty store…should be pretty cheap), add rocks around it, then simply fill with water. Done and done!

    66. How do you apply for the makeover. WE need something. OUr back yard slopes. Terrible drainage and is now covered in moss. It is completely unuseable. Help!

    67. Hi Chris and Payton and congratulations on your marriage and new venture!
      I am a local, Cape Cod girl who lives and teaches in Brewster, however has spent
      The last 30 summers at my home away from home Howes Street Beach…the best on the Cape, agree?
      I would love some advice on what to do to “spruce up” the landscape of my home. I am a single mom of 4 great kids. 20-26 who have all but one graduated from college and living and working in NYC or NH. My youngest is a junior at UNH and leaving next week for preseason football. When I divorced 12 yrs ago, my ex agreed that I would remain in our home with the kids, still owning together, however we would sell it once the last child grad. So my task is to get my house in “selling condition” before putting it on the market. I have spent much time doing over inside. I recently “did over” the whole upstairs myself; stripping wallpaper, sanding painting, ordered all new carpeting and then had the fun task of adding color, fun paintings, etc. I was very proud of my huge undertaking but would appreciate any advice on improving the appearance of the outside of my home. thank you!

    68. Hi Chris I have a brand new home. We are adding on and have a very large yard we need ideas for grandparents to enjoy (us) and room for grandchildren to play come on over and help us lots of space to work with. Thanks looking forward to hearing from you
      Wilmington m pictures upon request

    69. My wife an I have lived in our home in Hanover, MA for 5 years now. We originally moved from Braintree when my daughter was 6 months, so that she could grow up in a neighborhood and have a yard to play in. The backyard is big enough, but we have a brook that runs between our property and our neighbors and although I try to keep up with it, I cannot keep up with clearing bush/thorns from overtaking our fence that lies between our yard and brook. It’s to the point my wife doesn’t like to go out in the back yard and usually plays with the kids in the driveway instead…Any help or suggestions would be great.


    70. Chris & Peyton,
      Congratulations on your new marriage and show! I’m a long time viewer of the Bachelor/Bachelorette and think you both are so great and happy you found each other! I don’t think I’ve missed an episode since it started:) I am wondering if the show will ever come to the midwest??? We built a house a few years ago (’09) and are struggling to get it landscaped, grass, etc….. I think we have a great spot for the show to come! It is about 1.5 acres on a pond. I’ve only seen if you live in the Cape Cod area and wondering if you’ll ever venture this way! We could sure use some help! There are a lot of great ideas out there, but unfortunately my hubby is not good with tools or patient enough. (I don’t even trust him much with a screw gun…makes me nervous!) I love the new show! Please let me know if I’ll ever get a chance to apply…here in the good ole state of IOWA! Thanks and good luck as you continue on this journey!

    71. Angie
      I would love to take Going Yard out across the US I think it would be so much fun!!!
      I have only driven through Iowa so would love to go there and give you and your husband a beautiful new backyard and maybe even teach him some landscaping!!!
      Thanks for watching the show and I am pretty luck to have found a great girl like Peyton.

    72. Hi Chris,
      We love your show!! So many great ideas and everything you guys do is fantastic! My family and I have recently bought our dream house and have been renovating the inside for months now. We love our house…well, except for the backyard. The previous owner had walking paths throughout the woodsy yard and now it is just all overgrown and an absolute mess! I’m sure it was nice at one time but now…well I wish you could just see it :) We have been so concentrating on the inside we haven’t gotten to the outside. We are really hoping you would come out to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and help us! We are desperate!
      Thanks for your time,
      James and Julie Brunetto

    73. Hello Chris,
      I am a new fan of your show and am curious about how to apply. We are first time homebuyers about to invest in a great house with a terribly non-functional yard.
      Please share how we can apply.
      Thanks so much,
      Meg in MA

    74. Hi Chris, I love your new show especially since Peyton is on it with you! My husband and I are retired school teachers and really need some help with our backyard to make it safe for our grandkids! It has a creek (rain runoff) through the middle. The only problem is that we are in Alabama! Is there any chance that you could come to the Heart of Dixie?

      • Well since Peyton is a southern girl I know she would love to do some shows down south!!! I would love to help out teachers as I was a high school teacher for 7 years and LOVED it. Maybe season 3 we can go on the road!

    75. Hi Chris & Peyton! I would LOVE (and need!!) to apply for your show! Please tell me how, or if this little note works as an application, please accept it! I have a fairly large backyard that could use you and your expert work! We have 3 children (and a small dog) and really need to use our backyard more- and make it pretty! We never go back there because it’s BLAH! It has so much potential and it’s calling your name…”Chris…Peyton…come to Georgia!” Ha! You guys are great- loved you both on The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad. Please come see us! Thanks so much! Niki

    76. Your show is not on HGTV anymore on Saturdays. What happened to it?

      • I am finishing taping season 2 right now so when we are done with that it will be back on!

    77. It’s not weird if larger households were more likely to leave, and/or the new households in those apartments were more likely to be smaller or single-person — what you’d expect with a growing upper middle class and a declining working class. Not saying that’s what happened, but I would have expected to hear something that indicated it wasn’t happening. I haven’t had time to pull numbers myself, or really do much more than quickly read the NYT article, since this came out, but I would at least expect something like voter registrations to increase at the rate or faster than the in-migration population increase if it truly was broadly upper middle class types coming in — the narrative of much of the past decade. Likewise, legal immigrants are fairly easy to identify. That leaves illegal immigrants, which I can’t imagine the CB hasn’t gotten better at ignoring^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hspotting since 2000.

    78. Hi Chris,
      First off, Great show.. really enjoyed the first season! Second, I watched you and Peyton on the Bach/ette series. I know you don’t watch the show, so maybe you don’t know that many viewers of the show think that it’s wonderful that the 2 classiest and most down to earth contestants, (maybe the only 2 that have conducted themselves with dignity and maturity!) in the history of the franchise, managed to find one another. So congrats on both the show and your marriage! I bet your dad is really happy with how things turned out for you.
      I live in Austin in a wooded area. My yard is pretty with the trees, but completely useless in terms of hosting parties, gardening or enjoying. I have kids that would like a more useable space outside too. If you ever do a show in Texas, please consider me.

    79. Hi Chris,Congratulations. My family and I have been in our house for 3 years, we managed to landscape our front yard sort of. The back yard is a blank slate and we really don’t know what to do with it. There is an old deck that allows us to get out the sliding door and into the back yard. It is very old, some of the wood is rotting, and you get splinters on it. We keep hamering in all the nails that keep popping up. We have a very large yard and no idea what to do with it. I have 2 sons that I constantly warn to wear their shoes so they wont get a splinter. We would love to be able to have friends and family over to use our backyard with us. By the way we live in Port Perry, Ontario Canada. Small quiet town, very nice area. Please let me know if you are able to help us. Thanks Lisa

      • Lisa
        Sounds like you need to tear out the wooden deck and put in a stone patio!!!
        Where is Port Perry ?

    80. Hi, Chris. Congratulations on the show, and on LOVE! I feel a little selfish posting this letter. There are so many wonderful people out there who need your help, and deserve it. And while my darling husband and I would probably be just fine with our simple yard just the way it is, I would love to have something special like this happen in our lives.
      We have learned that amazing things come to those who wait. We are in our mid-late 30’s, and just got married last year (2012). We were just both waiting for “the one”, and we are so incredibly in love. I moved 1000 miles away from my family to be here with him, and even though it is difficult to be away from my family — he is worth every mile. I grew up in CA, where my Mom and I spent endless hours together working in the yard. I miss that terribly. The soil here in Idaho isn’t the best, and so gardening is a challenge.
      Because we are a little older than most newlyweds, we don’t have years that we can wait to start a family. As our hearts are set on this goal of having children, our wish is that we could have a beautiful yard — one that we could make memories in. I remember fond memories from my childhood, playing out in the yard with my family and friends.
      I don’t really have room to ask for another wish to come true. Finding my darling husband was the greatest wish come true I could imagine. Thanks for your consideration. Best wishes.

      ~ Katie in Idaho

      • Katie
        Looks like you either just did celebrate your 1 year anniversary or are about to….so congrats. We are celebrating today!!!

    81. Chris, my husband and I enjoy watching the show so much. We actually are Cape residence ourselves and We actually have a mutual friend in the area. My husband and I were joking and wondering if we we could be considered for the show. Of course we could fund the project ourselves, but could definitely use guidance. Our lawn looks like Plants come here to die. We have a beautiful little house but the lawn looks like a battlefield. Please let us know and we would be more than happy to submit some pictures for your viewing. We really appreciate it and I hope you prosper and have a wonderful season……….John and Jen Stewart \Bourne Ma.

    82. Welcome to the team! When are you coming to Texas? No one comes to help us Texans on our yards.

      I Have a large, blank slate yard… too much grass – which I’m allergic to. You wanna help me and my husband out? lol

      I’m sure you are taken where the HGTV wind blows you.

      • Kelly
        My wife lived in Dallas for 6 years so I have been to Texas many times!!! You are right it is a tough place to landscape since its so hot and arrid and since you are allergic to grass its just as well anyway!


    83. Hey Chris…Congratulations on your personal and professional life. Me and my husband are faithful fans of yours. We love watching the amazing transformations that you do. My husband designed and built a Gazebo in the back yard and it was great. We never got to finish the back yard due to my husband being diagnosed with cancer last May. He is cancer free but had to have extensive surgery and chemo and radiation. It will be another year or 2 before he will be able to try and get back to a new normal. I loved our backyard. He started scraping and was not able to keep it up. Our back yard looks like a ” Sanford and Son” back yard. Makes me sad to even go back there anymore. We used to have outdoor parties and get togethers. We sure could use your help….would love to hear from you…thanks for listening and good luck with your new show…#1 fans from Florida….

      • Gayle
        Glad to hear that you husband has beaten cancer….what a horrible disease it is. Sounds like in 2 years you will have to have a huge Cancer Free celebration in your backyard!!


    84. Chris, Just watched your show while working out at the gym yesterday. Love, love, love what you did for the family “Outdoor Room With a View” episode! Your wife is also extremely talented and I think it is fabulous you are collaborating on this show together. Though living in rural eastern Oregon puts me off the HGTV makeover grid, I was wondering if you might be willing to tell me where you (or your wife) purchased the pillows/or fabric for the gazebo in this episode?
      Hey, how about this…an episode called” “Going Yard Rural Challenge”…you and your crew come out to my place. We have a nice, modest home on the river with large backyard that has HUGE potential. The challenge of course would be that you would you would be 2 to 3 hours away from the nearest Lowe’s or Home Depot!
      Congratulations, to you both and have a blast!

      • Suzy
        hahahah…Going Yard Rural edition I love it.
        We got all the pillows and fabric in the gazebo from homegoods and pier 1 and you can order those online and have them shipped so no need to trudge 3 hours to find them!!

        • Love the rural idea! We are rural as well but can get to six Lowe’s location within an hour — My husband and I had no problems creating our yard at the house in Georgia that was in town. I think rural properties give too many options that it can just make your head spin!

          Southern Girl

    85. I was wondering if your show travels all over the US? If so, have you ever done a yard in Louisiana? I love your show and all of your work. I would love a little bit of help to design my yard. It’s a blank slate, so I’m pretty open to anything. Thanks in advance :)

      • Tasha
        We mainly stay on good ole Cape Cod. I would love to head to Lousiana though!!

    86. Hi Chris,

      My husband and i watch your show a lot and love all the stuff you have done. We have been trying to find out how to get on your show. We bought a house 8 months ago in AZ and we love our front yard but our back yard is just dirt and it gets hot here too, we have been trying to find ways to make the yard have shade and where the kids can out back in the middle of summer and still keep cool and we can entertain our friends and family too. is there any ideas you can share with us? or how do we apply to be on your show? we look foward to hear from you.
      thank you
      Annalisha and Michael

      • Annalisha and Michael
        SO glad you like wataching the show!!! Would love to landscape in AZ especially in the long, cold winters we get here in New England. Keep checking on to find out how apply.


    87. I saw your show yesterday and loved it! I have an older home with a large yard. Our home was built in the 1930’s and I’ve lived here 19 years. I do not have the magic touch that you do. My yard needs help in the worst way!! However I live in Missouri, near Kansas City. I wish that you could transform my yard into something beautiful. Desperate in kc. :)

      • Desperate in KC
        So glad that you like the show!!!
        Keep checking on to find out how to apply for not just my show but all of their shows!

    88. I know almost everyone has posted this but….. I love your show. Wish you did yard makeovers in other places too though. Lol. I just bought my house a little over a year ago and its just me and my 3 girls here in Maine. The back yard has so much potential, there are already tons of rock gardens in place, rock steps and pathways, slated areas, a gazebo with grapes growing on it ect. but nothing grows in the gardens but weeds and half my yard is taken up by a collapsed in ground pool. My girls range from 8months to 10yrs so I am pretty busy just trying to keep up with day to day, forget having time to venture out back to weed and plant. Oh well, someday I will have time to make my backyard oasis :). Will continue to watch your show for inspiration in the meantime :)

    89. Have a great big backyard with a huge rock on the side, all sorts of nooks for creativity for a yard visionary like yourself if you ever come to Weschester county in New York! Lucky ducks, those Cape Codders for having you and your team there.

    90. Hi Chris & Peyton,
      Congratulations to you both! I live on the south shore in Norton, MA with my husband and 4 children. We built a house 10 years ago in the middle of 11 acres & tried to sub out all of the work with our construction loan to save money, but unfortunately we ran out of money, therefore leaving our home (especially the back yard) unfinished. I would be so ever grateful if you would consider us to be on your show. I’m not sure exactly how or who to apply to; I can send pictures so you can see the bind we are in but that we have potential. (i.e. above ground pool but no deck; no deck on back of house where there are two sets of sliders just still blocked off; and no proper landscaping around 3 car garage) Please let me know. Thank you in advance.

    91. Hi Chris! :)
      I was reading through some of these comments and saw you said that MAYBE you can go on the road for season 3?? :) :) :) lol.. I just wanted to let you know that if you are able to do that…I live in a tiny town right outside of Joplin MO called Oronogo. My husband and I have 6 kids that are 9, 8, 4, 2, and just had twin girls in January. Right now we are living in a 3 bedroom, 1 bath home. We are having a house built that has 7 bedrooms. They are supposed to start clearing out the trees and start construction next week. We are so so so excited to finally have some ROOM lol. We sit around talking about how we want the back yard. The house will have a walk out basement and a huge 15x25ft wooden deck in the back off the living room/kitchen area. We just don’t know what to do! My husband wants a great BBQ area maybe with an outdoor bar for entertaining..somewhere shaded that i could sit with the twins and watch the others play..I would love to be able to have the kids birthday parties at our house outside…a nice play area for the kids. We have a wooden swing set right now that cost $700 and the kids hate it lol. My 8 year old thinks she’s a monkey and there isn’t really anything she can so her climbing and flips on lol. My 2 and 4 year old cant hardly ever play in our backyard right now because our fence isn’t finished and I can’t bring the twins out because we have no shade at with the new house it would be so great if everyone could be able to spend more time outside. So yeah..just thought I’d give it a shot! Keep us in mind if you do go on the road ;) they are planning on having the house finished in about 3 months ;) Thanks so much! :)

    92. Hello Chris,

      You are awesome and I love your show. I live in Medford MA and have an awful back yard that abuts a tow yard on one side with a bobbed wire fence. We have tried to make it our oasis and have failed. Your yard should be the place your family gathers and our needs your help.


      • Hello Chris,

        You are awesome and I love your show. I live in Medford MA and have an awful back yard that abuts a tow yard on one side with a bobbed wire fence. We have tried to make it our oasis and have failed. We have two kids a dog and a cat and would love a place outdoors to spend time together. Your yard should be the place your family gathers and our needs your help.


    93. I just saw your show for the first time this morning and knew you were the person to help. I would love for you to come and help us with our yard. We are almost done building our dream house on West Island, Fairhaven, MA. We can promise when you come to West Island you will have a fabulous time. The motto of our island Is Kick back and enjoy the day. It is often filled with a morning of chores and afternoon by the water and a night with friends in the backyard by the fire. Let me know if I can answer any questions.

    94. Hi Chris,
      I watch your show faithfully since it aired and I LOVE IT!!
      You do amazing work! I am a single mom of 2 teenage boys.I live in
      North Dartmouth,MA. I just recently purchased my little home after
      a lenghly divorce. I’ve somewhat updated the inside,but the
      outdoors I have run out of funds. This would be a dream come true
      to myself and the boys if I had a nice yard I could sit outside and
      enjoy! Please Chris please consider me for a backyard makeover!!
      Lisa DosSantos

    95. Hi Chris,

      My husband and I bought a fixer-upper home here in Lafayette, Louisiana last year. We had plans to renovate the inside but decided to first focus on the outside. It’s in a great old neighborhood and the yard has so many possibilities as far as size but we are so overwhelmed by the prospect of having to do it by ourselves.

      Any way you, your crew and show could make a trip to Louisiana? We’ll make sure you’re fed well!

    96. Love the show and the designs you create for families.
      I live in Killeen/Fort Hood Texas area. My grandparents
      retired Army and loved working in their yard but are now in their
      80’s and have a hard time keeping up. My grandmother has beautiful plants and loves to garden but not able to for a while now. I see her trying to get out more often now but needs help. Front yard is a good size but the back is so small. Need HELP….please consider.

    97. Chris-
      Hello!! So, I know this is a huge shot in the dark, but just trying to see what we could do to entice you & Peyton to make a trip down to Tennessee!!

      So first off, my husband & I both went to UT with Peyton…go vols!! I was actually on the cheer team during the same time Peyton was on the dance team (tell her Lindsey Pellegra says hello!!), and I believe she & my husband share good friends from Kingsport.

      Anyway, we always watch y’all’s show & LOVE it:) And I thought if y’all were up for a yard transformation around a swimming pool, we might have the perfect yard for you. We will be starting our pool in about two weeks, and because we don’t want to skip on the features we can’t change later, it leaves very little, if any, for landscaping, additional decking, etc. for now. We are on a little over an acre lot so there is lots of room to do whatever!! So, if y’all are up for a road trip, we’d love to have you!!!

    98. Hi Chris!
      My mother called me all excited this am and together we watched your beautiful back yard reveal. Congratulations to both of you. We also watched your Bachelor season faithfully. I could completely reality to the loss of your mom as we lost my Dad who seems like her male equal in 2006. He actually died in an accident at the home we grew up in.. He had just retired from union carpentry in Boston as was siding our home when he was electrocuted and fell to his death.
      He and our family have a small home in Bourne that he adored. He planned to enjoy completing many projects there during his retirement. He never got to them and we don’t know where to start. We have a hard time changing Anyang as we try to maintain the way he left it including his flannel shirt in the closet and work boots at the top of the basement stairs.
      As I watched your show, I thought you would be the perfect, gentle caring person to bring the small yard to where it should be to honor his memory and for us to enjoy his favorite place in the whole world.
      I wonder if you still taking applications for your show.
      Thanks for reading and all the best to you and Peyton..

    99. I am 12 years old and my sisters are 10 and 14. It would a lot of fun if you and your team could come out to our house and do a “Going Yard” episode. My dad is always talking about how he wants to redo our yard, but he never has the time to do it. We live in Reno, Nevada. Our family loves to entertain and have friends over for a BBQ, but our backyard always holds us back. It would mean so much if you could give us the backyard of our dreams (:

    100. Hello Chris,
      I would love to be on the show and get my backyard fixed. My parents have worked so hard in providing for the family that I would like to give something back to them. And a backyard renovation would be a perfect gift. :)
      We have a backyard that has dead grass and trees that provide shade but we do not use the yard because there is nowhere to relax and sit and enjoy the beautiful days. The backyard is in desperate need of some help.
      I have seen the show and I love watching it. Chris, I love your designs and hope that you could come to Los Angeles, California.
      How do I submit an entry? When and where would I be able to submit entries?
      Please let me know!!

    101. Chris!

      My hubby and I are newleweds also (welcome to the club btw) and we just bought our first home! While it sits on a great piece of property the yard (front and back) is a complete nightmare!!!!! The grass is just horrific and it has a ton of fox tails and burrs and our poor dog keeps getting them stuck in his furr :( the backyard has no grass and it has no landscaping it’s like a concrete jungle… We neeeeeeed help and we need advise! Anywhere I can send photos and maybe get your opinion on sod and landscapping???? Do you guys ever film in CA, that is where we live. We would make perfect candidates for the show, we’re both young and super outgoing with great stories :) if not I’d love advise :)


    102. Ps. We are SOOOOOOO obsessed with the show. We try to watch almost every day and I’ve been taking good notes on every bit of advise that you and Peyton give the viewers. Ive already learned so much.

      Thanks :)

    103. My husband, David, and I desperately want to know if your show is still casting. Highly invasive knotweed that is taking over our property is becoming a symbol of the rest of our lives right now – out of control. In January we lost David’s mom unexpectedly. It was a typical Sunday night when we went to her house to show her our recently printed wedding album. Instead, it was one of the worst days of our lives when David’s only parent and best friend was taken away from us. Last month, another tragedy struck our family when my brother lost control of his car while driving drunk and not wearing his seatbelt. After a week of watching him fight for his life we had to make the unfathomable decision to end his life support because the brain damage was too extensive. My brother was helping us renovate our new home. Now the house that was supposed to be filled with joy is drenched in sadness, and the landscape around us is doing nothing to help the depression that sets in after such horrific loss. Our home is on eight acres in Brimfield, MA. Two years ago a tornado tore through our property, just barely missing the house. Japanese knotweed was already invading the land for years but with necessary logging following the storm, the problem is only going to get worse. Our property used to belong to my Great Aunt and Uncle, who LOVED landscaping, but the beauty that was once outside of their doors is slowly disappearing. We do not even know how to begin reclaiming our land. Please! We need help.

    104. We have a backyard that is moshav he’d of projects we have tried to do ourselves however since my husbands recent heart condition its vert difficult for him to do much. We have two young boys who love to have friends over but unfortunately it’s hard for them to ha g out in the back due to lack of cohesiveness so it would be great for all of us to be able to fully utilize our space. We would love for you to make over our neglected space. Love the show Nd all the great ideas.

    105. Please please please come to Staten Island. We are not just all about mob wives. I think I have a dream house and yard for you to make feel like a home. 15 years ago my husband and I renovated our house in a beautiful neighborhood that we love. With a wrap around porch and lots to work with I think you can make this house. Masterpiece. We love to entertain inside and out. We have a dining room table that seats 16 that we had made to fit the dining room. Outside we would love an outdoor kitchen and a jacuzzi and it need flowers and green to make this space come alive. Having three kids and being busy it is hard financial and finding the time to do the work. Please consider my humble home to be featured on your show. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

    106. I think Chris and Payton need a break and a vacation down south!! We have a place that is part of my grandparents’ old farm. It is about 45 minutes north of Panama City Beach, Florida. We need help designing an area between our house and pond. We would love to get your input!

      Southern Girl

    107. Chris, I just started watching your show WOW! I love the things that you do. I would like to pick your brain about my yard. We live in the high desert Pueblo CO so we are really having a hard time coming up with what to do, as far as plants. We have been in a drought for the past 4 years. We are wanting to up in a shuffleboard court, boccie ball, checker board, fire pit, putting green, go-cart track, play area for the kids. The problem is that we have about 1.2 acres and really don’t know where to start. Do you have any ideas as to where to start? Thanks so much. Love Love the show.

    108. We need you.. Please!!! We are in Colorado Springs and could really use your touch… My son is deployed and is deserving of you… Please help us~~~~~~LOVE YOUR SHOW~~~

    109. I saw your show for the first time today. You’re incredible!! Your work is fantastic and your fiance is beautiful. I love how natural she looks–barely any makeup, simple hair–and she’s gorgeous. I’m setting my DVR to record upcoming episodes because I’m hooked.

      Where can I get a picture of the pergola over the chimney that you built today? It was on the double deck episode with all the rain and the 30th bday party. I want to use the photo as my inspiration piece. It’s perfect!

      Thanks so much.


    110. I am enjoying your show and wonder how yo apply to be one of
      those you help. We’ve lived here for 27 years and now are wondering
      if we should just fill in our pool and plant grass as the surrounding
      yard needs HELP!!
      L Murphy.

    111. I saw your show today and love it. I was wondering, how do you sign up to possibly be selected to have your yard transformed. I have a daughter(Teacher) and son in-law Fire Fighter)that live in Orlando, Florida. My son in-law is an awesome Dad of three boys. He adopted my oldest grandson when he was 25 yrs old and my grandson was 7 yrs old. He loves his back yard and entertains his friend back there all the time. I would love to see the dirt replaced with grass and something built around the hot tub.

      Cheryl Phan

    112. My little boy is sitting in amazement watching your show this morning. When are you headed to Florida? We need you. We have nothing but grass in the back yard. HELP, please!

    113. Chris,
      I love your show! I would love to have your touch on my yard . I was a single parent raised four great kids and was able to buy a foreclosure two years ago. I’ve been working on the inside but I have a yard full of weeds – a little overwhelming. If you are ever looking for participants in the Midwest I’d love to be considered.
      Your show gives me great ideas so keep up the great work!!

    114. With two children (12&9), I would love to plan a yard where as they get older,their friends want to come here to hang out after football and baseball games. Would love to plan a fire pit area and game area out side. We have a pools md a back porch that was installed but never really finished.
      How do I apply for your show?

    115. With two children (12&9), I would love to plan a yard where as they get older,their friends want to come here to hang out after football and baseball games. Would love to plan a fire pit area and game area out side. We have a pool and a back porch that was installed but never really finished.
      How do I apply for your show?

    116. Omg. Just watched your show. Loved it. If you looking for a Californian yard to fix, here is mine. We need help. Our yards are depressing. Nobody likes to go go outside. Wish to he considered for going yard. Blessings guys and your show.
      How do we apply to he considered?

    117. Hi Chris and Peyton!
      My husband and I were flipping through the channels and came across your show. We saw Chris first and both of us said, “he looks very familiar, where is he from?” Then we saw Peyton and remembered that we saw both of you on previous seasons of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. What a beautiful couple you make and we are both happy that you have found love!! Just on that one episode we could see the affection and connection between you and it is so encouraging and beautiful to watch. That is what America needs to see; a healthy example of family and marriage.
      My husband and I just moved from the apartment lifestyle of California to buying our own home in central Michigan. It’s actually quite funny to see both of us city people walking through the huge store of Home Depot trying to decide what to buy for the home improvements and renovation of our new place. We look like lost puppies! It is so overwhelming and extremely intimidating! We find ourselves googling everything from figuring out how to rewire a weed whipper to repainting walls. We have all these dreams of what we want to do but we know it’s going to take us a long time to get there. We were both inspired and at awe, Chris and Peyton, with your ability to see something out of nothing and turn it into a masterpiece. We learned a few things just from watching your show and will continue to watch it to sharpen our landscaping skills. We will also try to apply for you to come visit us, not only to have you beautify our yard, but to maybe even have a nice dinner with you and Peyton!
      We wish you all the best in love and success!

    118. My House would be absolutely perfect for a show like this our yard is HUGE and so boring, there are holes, and ruts everywhere all there is is 2 trees. WE NEED YOU! Please help our huge and boring yard get crashed!!

    119. Could i get info on how to apply for the free yard makeover we are DESPERATE!!!

    120. Hi Chris!!

      Would you by any chance consider making over a backyard in Brampton, Ontario??? I fell in love with my house because of the size of the backyard and all it’s potential…only to be dismayed that I could not tackle the project by myself. It’s been seven years and now my yard has been taken over by weeds and little critters which call it home. What was love at first sight is now just an eye-sore. Please help!!

    121. My husaband and I have a multi-tiered yard with a gorgeous pool at the bottom. The landscape is in desparate need of an overhaul (crumbling retaining walls…). We are in Minneapolis-if you ever get this way?

    122. Chris,
      We are a military family, just left italy and just moved to New Mexico, portales to be exact and bought a new house. We have a beautiful zeriscaped front yard but the backyard is completely unfinished. Here in portales we are plagued by 60 mph dust storms, goat head stickers, and weeds the size of houses. We have been unable to do anything with our backyard and is becoming to much of a stressful situation to even think of. We have worked for 2 months straight just to get all the stickers and weeds out of our unfinished back yard and we have to stop every hour for a dust storm to blow through. We always thought owning our own house would be a blessing where we could invite our family and friends over to have a BBQ or just to relax but it seems that dream may never come true. How do we apply to have one of your beautifully landscaped yards???

    123. Hi Chris! Congrats on your new show that I just heard about! I would like a makeover for my mom because our yard is completely grass and a little bit of dirt and my mom has always wanted things like a hot tub, a small pool for our family and it’s our 20-year plan and I know that it is never going to happen. I need your help but the problem is that I live in Canada and I really need your help. Please listen to this and get back to me.

    124. Hi Chris
      When are the new episodes from last summer 2012 going to be aired I keep seeing the same shows every week. I’m from Cape Cod love your show
      you and Payton are a great Dream Team.
      Mike Carney

    125. We have the PERFECT backyard that has the MOST potential!! We just moved in to our home two months ago and the previous owner buried the pool! We couldn’t believe that here in Gainesville, FL, someone would actually bury a pool!! Needing help in the sunshine state!

    126. Hi there – on Pinterest you had the best backyard. However, I can’t find it on any episode list. The picture had the caption, “Pergolas: Made In the Shade
      Part of pergolas’ popularity (81.6%) is that they provide structure and shade yet still manage to feel open and airy. Going Yard offers a triple-threat here with a pergola, outdoor dining room and fire pit — in the same yard!” It had a pergola, fire pit, and stools with red cushion tops. Can you tell me the episode so we can watch? We are wanted to DIT our backyard (think ‘Sweat Equity’ LOL) but need to see the process. My hubby is not convinced yet on my desire for this design! Please help.

    127. Hi Chris and Peyton ,

      I don’t think I have ever posted before on a blog however I heard awhile back about your show but have yet to see it on HGTV. I am sure you both receive a million requests for makeovers so I guess this will be your millionth + 1. My husband, daughter and I live in MA on the south shore and moved into our home last year. We have a nice home but are working to have it fit our style. My husband did a ton of landscaping in the front well mostly ripping things out and trimming. This spring we plan on attacking the back which has a pool however the landscaping is non existent. My husband does all the yard work himself and this will be a huge undertaking for him so if you are looking for a blank canvas and some hardworkers we are your next backyard!

      Best of luck with everything and thank you for reading.

      • Thanks for the offer of the blank canvas!! Sounds like your husband has his work cut out for him in the back yard. Not sure about wether I will be coming to the New England area this spring to do a show but will keep you posted! Thanks for the interest. Chris

    128. My husband and I live in Northern California with our two sons. We have been trying to improve our yard but cant seem to agree on much. It would be so helpful for someone else to decide :) we saw you today at our lowes! So sad we didn’t get to talk to you

      • So sorry that I didnt get a chance to talk to you today at Lowes but hopefully I will be back there again looking for bad backyards in the summer! Stay tuned.

    129. Chris do come to Delaware?

    130. I love watching your show. I would love it if you came to central Pennsylvania. We have lived in our home for two years now and haven’t been able to get our back yard completed. Here’s hoping you come here and help us. :)

    131. Hi Chris!!!! Me and my family are from Illinois and we need some serious assistance with our backyard…. it is not green at all, in fact we have this huge dirt spot in the middle of our yard… As hard as we try we just can’t figure out how to grow grass there.We were hoping you could help , we would like to get the most out of our space but are very unsure what to do. We were wondering what we needed to do to apply to be on the show or what information you would need? We love your show and no that you could save our yard. Thank you and please help!!

    132. I just saw your show! you are so inventive. I am really impressed.

      We live on the edge of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Oregon.

      Anything grows here! But about every third of even second year everything blows down from the cold bitter wind. So we start over.

      I love contorted conifers and hydrangeas so at least they mostly withstand things here but….

      We work on the front and get it pretty nice, then we have to go redo the back! Then the front ~ then the back!

      I have edited, put in more stone, changed plants, and I am tired! LOL, we could use some assistance because this is getting old. (and so are we)

    133. Chris and Peyton,

      I really enjoy watching your show. If you ever get to the upstate of South Carolina and would like a challenge, we have less than .25 acres and it is mostly a hill for a back yard. It is an unusable space for our 2 young kids and I would really like to figure out how to make it a backyard that we could really enjoy.

    134. Okay, so we’re the million and fourth, but… when you’re back to doing shows in new england, we’re in southeastern CT have a mostly blank slate with great aspirations. seven years of great aspirations. how do we get on your list for auditions? we can feed you well and get you to a beautiful horse sanctuary or you can meet some penguins, or there’s great casino fun nearby too!

    135. Hi Chris and Peyton,

      I’ve been sitting here watching show after show of yours thinking, “Gosh that would look great in our backyard.” My husband and stepson moved into to our first house last May. We already have a deck off the back of the house, but we were planning on putting in a brick patio area (with 16×16 in pavers) with a fire pit; which we bought the pavers and the stone for the fire pit not long after we moved in–when we still had the money to do so–but yet there they sit on pallets in the backyard. You see, we have what we call a “yard boob”. The previous owners I believe had a pool at one time and they took it out and left the sand. They then dug the center out, made it into a fire pit and put a mesh dome cover over the top…hence the nickname. We want it gone!! We are planning on saving a bit and then tackling the pavers in a month or so. We could really use some help in tying the deck and (what will be) the brick patio together. We’re also on a corner lot and would love to have a privacy fence down the street side of the house and along the back of our property line. We want to leave it open to our neighbors because we have GREAT neighbors and we would never want to “shut” ourselves off from them.

      Thanks for taking your time to read this.

      Missy M.

    136. Hi Chris, After watching you on the 2014 smart home I cant wait for going yard. I live in lancaster Pa. and I watch every DIY show but it seems all the shows are either in Vegas or calif. Are you ever coming to Pa.? I have a big yard that really needs to be crashed! I have applied to every show on DIY but just havent seen anything this way. I hope you come to my house in Pa. as I could really use the help, but if not see if you can convince Matt bladshaw to crash me!! Hope to see you soon!
      Please come to Pa!!

      • I would love to Crash Pa! I love philly. Where do you live?
        Thanks for watching Smart Home. I had so much fun taping that show. The house was incredible!

    137. Will there be a season 3 of Going Yard?

      • As of right now its not in the works. I have taken over Yard Crashers so that is keeping me really busy!

    138. Hi Chris! My name is Bianca and My husbands name is Paolo. We bought a 4 family home out in Uxbridge, Ma that we will be very soon moving into. We have thrown everything we have into the renovation of the inside of this home and would love to try and apply for a show like this. I went to the HGTV website but couldn’t find anywhere to do it. Could you direct me to a place that my family could apply to be on this show. An outside oasis is just what my husband, son, and tenants need after 2 years of renovation. And believe me the outside of this home needs work :) Thank you for any help you can give

    139. My husband is deployed until August (2014) and in his absence I convinced home to let me pick out our new home in Jacksonville NC. His only request was a big backyard. Well that request was accomplished. Now I just want his welcome home to be the backyard his dream yard that he will be able to set his C-bags down and enjoy without having to do anything. His unit deploys annually and so he is not home much until now he should get a couple years at home!!! My family and friends want to do it but we are no experts in landscaping! CAN YOU HELP ME PULL OFF HE ULTIMATE SURPRISE????


      • How I wish I could help you out with this. It would be so much fun! What a great wife you are. We arent taping any more episodes of Going Yard right now though.
        Please tell your husband thank you for his service!!!!

    140. Hi Chris!
      We absolutely love your show and are amazed at what you and your team can accomplish in such a short period of time. Just wondered, do your projects have to be in the Cape Cod area or is Salt Lake a possibility???
      I would love to nominate a house for the show.
      Thank you and Congrats!

      • Thank you so much for watching Going Yard! Love hearing feedback. We are not currently taping any more episodes of Going Yard as I have taken over Yard Crashers. I do love Salt Lake City and wish I could do some shows there! ITs gorgeous.

    141. Hi Chris,

      Recently watched your show as I have been getting back in the groove of thinking about house and yard. My family (wife:Heather Son:Caleb 6 and Daughter:Jocelyn 3) and I are moving in September of this year. I don’t know of you are currently interested in houses for your show, but I would love to submit and tell our story a little.

      Thank ps so much for your time! Looking forward…


      • Thanks for the note. I am currently not taping any more Going Yard episodes. I have taken over Yard Crashers so am working on these projects. Where do you live? We travel for Yard Crashers!

    142. Have u ever thought of coming to Northern California? I live in a small community about 35 miles north of Sacramento and desperatly need help. I’ve been a single Mom for almost 30 years and now that my last child has moved out and my oldest son has moved with his job 5 hrs away, it has become impossable to keep up the huge back yard. At this point I have blackberries taking over part of the yard and the rest is so overgrown with weeds that produce foxtails, that its impossible to enjoy at all. I really need help. Really love your show and hope you would enjoy this challenge..

      • I am actually currently taping Yard Crashers in Sacramento! Its really nice out here and much different from Cape Cod.

    143. I was just wondering how I am suppose to apply for you to redo our yard?
      We are a large family and always have kids running in our yard and it would be nice to make it more kid friendly :)
      Thank you!

    144. Hi Chris I have heard you are taking over Yard Crashers my husband and I and daughters loved watching Going a Yard and of course Bachelor. We live outside Madison Wisconsin and live on 5 acres. We bought the home 3 years ago and have remodeled most of the inside but have come to a stand still in our backyard we have weeds growing as tall as the house in some places…help!!!!! We would love an outdoor kitchen with pool and hot tub but have no creative ideas on how to start. Please please come to Wisconsin we’ll show you famous State Street of Madison and send you home with cheese heads from the famous cheese state.

      Thanks Chris

      Jackie E.

      • Jackie
        Thanks for watching Going Yard and me on the bachelor!!! Yes its true I am the new host of Yard Crashers.
        I would love to head up to Wisconsin!!
        The show travels and each season we head to a few different cities. I will put in for Madison!

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